Minister plants new seeds

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A FORMER garden centre worker has planted himself in Newport Pagnell as the new minister of the town’s baptist church.

The Rev Jack Walker made the move in January after previously working with a church in Havant, Hampshire, for 21 years.

He brings with him a host of experience in ‘planting’ new churches and mentoring new ministers, two jobs he found extremely rewarding.

He said: “I have had the privilege of bringing new people into the ministry up and down the country.

“When you start a new church it is always a challenge, it pushes you hard but you get such a sense of pride with that.”

Before his move to Newport Pagnell the Rev Walker spent time on sabbatical in Tanzania and Zimbabwe, working closely with the Grassroots Trust helping to provide residents with improved water and electricity links, land for farming and healthcare.

He said: “When you go there and see what it is really like you don’t come back the same. The target is always moving and it is always a challenge.”

The Rev Walker is now hoping to build strong links in the town and the surrounding areas. He said: “Newport is a town with a village feel. You see people in town getting on with each other and talking, it’s a really friendly place.

“I’ve only been here five minutes but this is a very loving church with incredible strength.”