Miracle escape as vehicle ploughs through shop front

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A SHOP assistant escaped death by inches when a car ploughed through the front of a shop on Friday morning.

The luxury Mercedes-Benz smashed through brickwork and a glass doorway to end up wedged up near the counter of the Best One store in Bletchley’s St Mary’s Avenue.

It is understood the driver lost control as she tried to park opposite the shop.

“It was a miracle nobody was killed or even injured,” said Best One’s owner Jitesh Palmar.

The accident happened at 10.15am when minutes earlier the shop had been crowded with customers.

Mr Palmar added: “There was just one customer in the shop – one of our regulars – and my assistant Amila Thilaksha.

“The customer was at the back of the store and Amila was standing near the counter when suddenly there was this great crash and the car shot through.

“It was coming straight towards him and he just managed to get out of the way. Another few centimetres and he would have been killed.

“I knew it was a close thing but I didn’t realise quite how bad it was until I viewed the CCTV footage.”

Both Amila and the customer escaped without a scratch. Miraculously the car driver was also unharmed.

Mr Palmar, who had popped out on an errand at the time of the drama, is now in despair at the state of his crumbled shop front and has promised customers he will re-open as soon as possible.

“I’ve worked for three years to build up a good base of customers. The shop is my baby,” he said.

He is now pleading with his insurance company to start repairs as soon as possible.

“I think it will cost tens of thousands of pounds. But I am determined to re-open as soon as possible – for the sake of my customers,” he said.