Missing Chris Crossley’s three day abduction hell

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A VULNERABLE adult with the mental age of a eight to 12-year- old was kept imprisoned for three days without food and water.

Christopher Crossley, 28, went missing on Sunday evening and wasn’t seen again until police picked him up at Milton Keynes Hospital at 6am yesterday.

His mother, Claire, said Christopher and two other vulnerable adults had been kept against their will in a house in Netherfield.

Christopher, from Wolverton, disappeared after he went to Milton Keynes Hospital with his two female friends after one of them passed out. Mrs Crossley said the trio had then been invited to a house in Netherfield by a woman they met at the hospital. But once there they weren’t allowed to leave.

She said: “They had nothing to eat or drink for three days. Chris doesn’t know why, he just said they wouldn’t let him go.”

She added that police had told her they had knocked on the door and been told Chris had already left, but he later said he’d still been there and had then been let out of a window by his nervous kidnappers.

Christopher’s brother, Ste Crossley, ran a Facebook campaign urging people to help him find his sibling.

He wrote on the social networking site: ‘(Chris) is an extremely vulnerable person with severe special needs... we are of the understanding that he is in a house in Milton Keynes that he is unfamiliar with, with two females.

‘We are also aware that Christopher is not happy with the situation and just wants to go home, but cannot...

‘Due to the extent of his disabilities, it is crucial that he is returned to safety as soon as possible... the difference between Chris being out all night and any other 20-something being out all night is that Chris has a mental age of an eight to 12-year-old.’

Mrs Crossley said: “When I picked him up he said, ‘I was scared mum’. That made me feel awful. He was so tired he went straight to bed.”

Inspector Roy Stringer at Thames Valley Police said: “At 6am yesterday morning, missing person Christopher Crossley was found at Milton Keynes General Hospital along with two other persons who had been reported missing.

“He spoke with police who conducted the routine debrief undergone by all missing persons who are found. During this discussion no offences or allegations were reported or disclosed.

“However, later a third party suggested to Police an offence had taken place. This alleged offence is currently under police investigation.

“Police are hoping to be able to speak to Mr Crossley again once he is fit to do so.”