‘Missing voters’ claim is dismissed

Concerns that thousands of city voters have “disappeared” has turned out to be a load of old ballots.

This week it was claimed 5,500 voters were missing from the electoral register in Milton Keynes between September and December last year - 
despite a growing population.

But council bosses confirmed that a new way of recording electors found thousands of people who should never have been registered to vote in the first place.

A council spokesman said: “We have found people registered at two addresses, people still on the register who have since moved out of Milton 
Keynes, and some underage voters, who shouldn’t have been on the register, although this is a very small number.

“Correcting these figures is what has led to the apparent shortfall.”

Instead of registering to vote by household, it must now be done individually.

MK Council is urging anyone who has not already signed up, to do so by April 20.

The spokesman added: 
“Individual electoral registration is a challenge everywhere and in MK we are trying to do all we can to ensure people can have their say.”