MK Against The Cuts hold ‘Defend the NHS’ event

The Milton Keynes Against The Cuts group collect signatures on Saturday
The Milton Keynes Against The Cuts group collect signatures on Saturday

AN activity day to oppose ‘drip by drip privatisation’ of the National Health Service took place on Saturday.

The Milton Keynes Against The Cuts group held the ‘SOS – Defend the NHS’ day in Central Milton Keynes. They were supported by the GMB and UNISON unions, as well as Milton Keynes Trades Council and Milton Keynes Pensioners Association.

The group launched a petition calling for the NHS to remain public and services not to be privatised. In all, 228 people signed it on Saturday.

Hundreds of leaflets were also distributed.

Secretary of Milton Keynes Against the Cuts, Neil Williams said: “This is the first of many activity and information days we will be organising to raise awareness of what is happening to the NHS and the drip by drip privatisation that is occurring to its services under the Conservative/Lib Dem Government.

“It is already clear that the people of Milton Keynes wish the NHS to be provided as a pubic service and not run, or any part of it to be run to make a profit by a private contactor. This campaign continues until once again the NHS is safe.”

In full, the petition read:

To the Coalition Government

Our NHS is precious – we won’t forgive you if you ruin it:

Don’t break up our health service and hand it to private healthcare companies.

Listen to the real experts – doctors, nurses and patients – when they give warnings about these plans.

Don’t rush through massive changes without testing them properly first.

Protect patient care – don’t cut beds, wards, doctors or nurses.

This petition was first drawn up by the 38 Degrees group and has so far been signed by over 605,000 people.