MK charity gives away free school uniforms to families in need

Opening of MK Storehouse - Manager Alan Smith
Opening of MK Storehouse - Manager Alan Smith

A charity is giving away free school uniforms throughout August for children in need.

Schools, churches and members of the public from across the city have donated uniforms to MK Storehouse, based in Stacey Bushes.

They provide free second hand clothing to anyone in need from school age up to adults in Milton Keynes - but for this month only they hope to help families in the run up to the new school year.

Alan Smith, manager of MK Storehouse said: “We love to see children grow up and do well at school, however we appreciate the financial burden of providing uniforms every new school year can be a significant one for many families.

“At the MK Storehouse we want to pass on items from those who no longer need them to those who really do, and help take some of the pressure of families who need a bit of support.”

Andy says that the charity was launched in January by Grand Union Vineyard Church (GUV) who meet on Sundays in Fox Milne.

They believe that no one should struggle to own sufficient clothing simply due to a lack of finance, so by working with local agencies, authorities, faith groups and professionals working in care, health and education for referrals, they identify those in genuine need of help.

MK Storehouse not only provide clothing to those most in need, but also offer a welcoming environment for people from across MK to enjoy a hot drink and listening ear from the storehouse manager or one of the friendly team of volunteers from the church who help run the project.

MK Storehouse will next be open for people to visit anytime from 10am-12pm on Thursday August 13.

It relies on volunteers and donations and is keen to regularly receive any good quality, clean, second hand items for both sexes including school uniforms, shoes, coats, trousers, skirts and jumpers.