MK charity to aid landslide victims out in Sri Lanka

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City charity workers are rushing out to launch rescue missions in Sri Lanka following a landslide tragedy.

Volunteers from Milton Keynes-based Hope Outreach will fly out to the Badulla district to help the victims.

“The immediate need is for rescue operations as the weather permits followed by relief and rehabilitation,” said charity head Sam Mutheveloe, who is a GP at Pennyland’s Medical Centre.

Dozens of people died in the landslide, which was caused by heavy rains, and many more have been made homeless.

Hope Outreach mission workers on the ground are already working to provide shelter for people with no homes.

Dr Sam’s team plan to carry out free medical, dental, vision and children’s clinics in areas close to the tragedy.

They will also spend time at the Hope Outreach orphanage , as well as visit a community of war widows supported by the charity.

Many of these projects have been funded by donations from local people.

Now Hope Outreach is asking for people to dig deep again to help victims of the latest disaster. Donations can be made online via or by post to Hope Outreach UK, Free Post MK 1840, Great Linford, Milton Keynes MK14 5BR.