MK College students dig deep for their food bank

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Generous MK College students have donated more than a year’s worth of food in one go to their food bank.

The large contribution of food was donated by the Year 11 class who raised money by selling home-made cakes and proceeds from events.

Before enrolling at the college, students from the class had been home-schooled or had come from other countries including Nigeria, Albania, Norway and Vietnam.

One student, an asylum seeker from Afghanistan, even donated some of his small weekly allowance to help other students in need.

Angela Daly, co-ordinator of the food bank said: “On a weekly basis we do see a small number of students requesting support from the internal college food bank. There are lots of reasons why some of our learners struggle financially, typically it’s due to delays in benefit payments, or sometimes when unfortunately they’ve left the family home and have very few other places to turn.”

The food bank is now full with items including pasta, juices, coffee, toilet rolls, sanitary products and nappies.

​College student ​Alex Taylor-Woodward​ said:​ “Knowing we’re helping to support our fellow students at ​c​ollege is an amazing feeling. Seeing the mountain of food we’ve gone out and bought and knowing it will contribute to the welfare of others in our community is something we’d love to see continue.”

Angela Daly said: “We’re absolutely delighted by the volume of food we’ve received fro​m​ the group. Our expectations have been far exceeded​ – so much so​ the surplus items we can’t store at college have been given to the Milton Keynes Food Bank charity.”

Nicolas Brinner, ​p​artnerships ​m​anager at Milton Keynes Food Bank ​said:​ “We’re so grateful for this fantastic donation. Even though we live in a growing city which has areas with big houses, there are still disparities.

“Ninety per cent of our users are short-term. Typically these people are trying to live on zero hour contracts or struggling to find work after a redundancy. Donations like this one from MK College is essential to help us continue the important and ambitious work we strive to deliver.”

To find out more about the college food bank, or to donate any surplus food or toiletry items, email