MK could soon become Point-less

The Point CMK
The Point CMK
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Milton Keynes is set to become officially Point-less as council officers this week recommended the iconic building be bulldozed.

The famous red pyramid, built as a cinema in 1984, will be replaced by a range of shops and leisure units, the Citizen can reveal.

Its fate was decided in a lengthy report due to be considered by the council’s development control committee on March 6.

In the report council officers consider whether The Point should be preserved because of its architectural interest and links to city heritage.

It states: “The Point does have strong local significance both in terms of its cultural significance and as a recognised local landmark.”

But the report reveals the eye-catching design was NOT built with high quality materials because of budget restraints at the time. Also, continual refurbishment and change of use has meant little survives of the original interior features.

It states: ‘However historically significant The Point may be, there is little architectural expression in the cinema block itself that reflects its function.”

Campaigners trying to save the structure pressed in vain for it to be graded as a listed building by English Heritage. Currently it is classed as a ‘non-designated heritage asset.’

Council officers say the redevelopment of the site would result in “significant” economic benefit and also regeneration of the Midsummer Boulevard site.

These advantages would outweigh the loss of The Point, they state.

The council will retain all necessary controls to ensure the redevelopment is “suitable”, and the structure will not be demolished until every last detail of the new scheme is approved and a contract is signed with the developers.