MK Hospital paid £27.6K a month to hire a temporary director of finance

mpmc MK Hospital
mpmc MK Hospital

Budget-crazy bosses at Milton Keynes Hospital spent £27,600 a MONTH to hire a temporary director of finance.

Figures revealed this week show interim Robert Toole was hired for six months at a cost of £166,000.

This equates to a whopping annual salary of £332,000 a year.

Yet a permanent director of finance, employed directly by the hospital, costs around £100,000 a year.

The news comes shortly after the Citizen revealed the cash-strapped hospital has spent around £2 million in the past 12 months on private consultantcyfirms.

All the payments to London based Ernst and Young came under the heading of ‘transformation programme’ – a scheme designed to help the Trust SAVE money.

Figures also show £166,00 in payments to Penna plc, the company responsible for providing Robert Toole.

His recruitment spanned from January 2013, when previous finance director Duncan Smith left, to June 2013, when current director Jonathan Dunk was recruited as a permanent replacement.

Hospital bosses are keeping mum about why Duncan Smith left, saying: “It is not appropriate for the trust, as an employer, to disclose personal information relating to its current or former employees.”

But they said contractural notice periods coupled with lengthy recruitment processes do not always allow for a “seamless transfer” and the Trust is required by Monitor to have a finance director in place. A spokesman told the Citizen: “In this instance an interim post holder was sought whilst the recruitment process continued.

“The role of finance director is a critical appointment for any trust. It necessitates a robust, competitive recruitment process involving Monitor as the sector regulator to identify the right candidate.”