MK jobseekers must now sign ‘Claimant Commitment’

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New claimants to Jobseeker’s Allowance in Milton Keynes will now have to sign a ‘Claimant Commitment’ which sets out fully what they need to do in order to receive state support.

The aim is to provide clear information about the consequences of failing to meet requirements.

There are around 4,100 people claiming Jobseeker’s Allowance in Milton Keynes.

Work coaches will help claimants set out a detailed statement of what they will do to find work using a new personal work plan. Claimants will also use the plan to record what they have done and they will renew their Claimant Commitment on a regular basis.

Claimants will have to provide evidence to prove they have met the requirements in their Claimant Commitment. Those who fail to do so without good reason risk losing their benefits.

Employment Minister Esther McVey said: “The Claimant Commitment marks the start of a redefinition of the relationship between the welfare state and claimants.

“In return for state support, we expect claimants to do all they can to meet their responsibilities to return to work. It also strengthens the ability of Jobcentre Plus staff to support claimants back into work at the earliest opportunity.

“Work coaches and jobseekers will agree regular specific tasks and training opportunities and the penalties claimants could face for failing to meet their responsibilities to get into work will be clearly spelt out.”