MK Live to provide a portal into Milton Keynes

A WEBSITE portal has been developed aimed at giving viewers an insight into the latest views and events across the city.

MK Live, which will work online and on mobile devices, is the result of MK Hack Day – a one day technology event aimed at creating a new social tool for Milton Keynes.

MK Hack Day

MK Hack Day

The event took place at The Buszy on the site of the old bus station in Central Milton Keynes on Saturday.

Between 20 and 30 tech experts took part, with many popping in and out during the day. Developers eventually put the final touches to the project at around midnight.

Over the course of 13 hours the MK Hack Day team moved from a blank page to a working app by pulling in pictures, video, news, tweets and other information, and then displaying them on a map of the city in real time.

The aim is that people can watch events such as the MK International Festival through thousands of eyes or see Jubilee street parties or the Dons latest match from every perspective.

It will be a free service, with the group currently looking to give the technology over to a community organisation to run.

The man behind the project, Anthony Faconti, of creative agency Bitmode, said: “It was a fantastic day. What we created was an aggregator for Milton Keynes.

“It is an app that can pull in local information like Twitter feeds or photos from Flickr or Instagram. It will be very easy for people to tap into and to create information for.

“This will be pulled onto a map which people can access. If you see 50 spots on one map, you can zoom in on that area and read each point. Alternatively, people will be able to switch to a list view.”

And Mr Faconti is already planning to hold future MK Hack Day events in the future.

“Everyone worked well together despite not having done so before and while using technology they hadn’t used in the past.

“This was our test event. We are definitely going to do it again.”

> More pictures from the MK Hack Day event can be seen at the @MKHackDay twitpic page.