MK Muslims could face consequences of Paris attack, warns priest

Delays continue following the serious collision
Delays continue following the serious collision

A priest fears that innocent Muslims could suffer in the aftermath of the terrorist attacks in France.

Rev Canon John Robertson today condemned the “senseless murders” of all 129 innocent people in Paris on Friday.

Mr Robertson, director of Ecumenical Mission at MK Council of Faiths, has offered his support to MK’s Muslim community.

He said: “The recent events in Paris have shocked us all.

“We are concerned that some people will try and take out their anger about these events on innocent Muslims here in Milton Keynes or elsewhere in the UK.

“They are no more responsible for these terrorist attacks than Christians were for the atrocities of the IRA.

“We understand that there will be increased anxieties about the safety of Muslim communities, and we of all faiths want them to know they have our support.”

Milton Keynes Council of Faiths works to increase understanding about and between faith communities and to encourage and support good inter faith relations.

Mr Robertson added: “Some people are trying to use this tragic event to say we in the West shouldn’t help the Syrian refugees, but we need to remember that they are fleeing the same people.

“Only the day before the Paris attack there was an attack in Beruit.

“The different faiths communities live well together in MK and long may it continue.”