MK’s recycling sack wars: We pink it’s all over

Pink sacks at Bletchley Council
Pink sacks at Bletchley Council

The city’s infamous pink sack war could soon end in resounding victory for tens of thousands of recycling residents.

Milton Keynes Council looks set to scrap its cash-slashing policy of restricting the number of free pink sacks delivered to households, the Citizen can exclusively reveal.

The £200,000 budget cut has caused citywide chaos with queues, arguments and at least one punch up as people jostled to grab extra rolls from authorised pick-up points. Earlier this year all MK libraries, designated as main pick up points, refused to stock any more pink sacks because they caused too much trouble.

Over Easter a blip in supply caused even more stockpiling frenzy – so bad that rolls of the flimsy pink sacks were being sold on eBay for £5 each.

Now, at the first meeting of the newly elected council, Liberal Democrat Vanessa McPake is demanding the sack restrictions be lifted so rolls can once again be distributed free to homes.

She described the new system as “a sledge hammer to crack a nut”.

She said: “It is also a false economy as there is a real danger of recycling rates falling, thus resulting in an increase in landfill taxes.”

The budget cut was introduced by the previous Conservative administration, which has now been replaced by Labour. Citizen sources say it is “highly likely” Labour will vote with Lib Dems to reinstate the sacks.

“I would be very surprised indeed if we did not have a party whip to vote for this,” said one Labour councillor.