MK voters “genuinely uncertain” about how to vote in EU referendum

Iain Stewart MP
Iain Stewart MP

Europhiles and Eurosceptics have been criticised for their “sound-bites and scaremongering” in the run-up to the EU referendum.

MK South MP Iain Stewart has told of his frustration at both In and Out camps so far failing to fully inform voters.

Mr Stewart told the Citizen: “I will be honest and say I have been disappointed with how both sides of the campaign have started.

“I fully appreciate It is a passionate subject but, talking to many people around MK over the last few weeks, I have been struck by the number saying that they are genuinely uncertain as to which way they are going to vote and want to hear reasoned arguments, not just sound-bites and scaremongering.”

Last month Mr Stewart announced he will vote to leave the European Union on June 23.

He said he would “regret” choosing to stay in the hope that something better would come along in the future.

He added: “This is a hugely important decision for the country; it is a once in a generation chance to decide our relationship with the EU.

“Although my vote in the referendum carries exactly the same weight as anyone else’s, many people have asked about my views on the subject.

“I had hoped that we could stay part of a genuinely reformed EU but I believe that the gap between the objectives of the Euro-elite and what I believe is in our national interests is too great.

“It is a balanced decision; I am not without my doubts.

“However, I believe I would regret a decision to continue with the EU in the hope that something better will come along in the future. I do not believe it will.

“I have published a detailed statement on my website. I hope we will see the debate improve and facts come out so my constituents can make an informed decision.”