Mkaing Headway with city art projects

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Artwork created by people who have suffered brain injuries will be on display in Milton Keynes Hospital.

The work will be displayed in the 2nd floor corridor between Wards 18 and 20 of MKGH until the end of July.

Headway MK, based in York House, Stony Stratford, is a local charity which aims to provide services and support for people who have an acquired brain injury. They offer a range of activities, such as a weekly art class, gardening activities, discussion groups, cooking, cognitive activities and an exercise group. These activities help to boost the participant’s self-confidence, awareness and understanding of their condition, in addition to providing new skills and a supportive network.

The outcomes of the weekly art class are exhibited here by MK Arts for Health to coincide with Brain Injury Awareness week and to draw attention to the important, vital, and often life-changing work Headway MK do within our community.

Led by artist Emma Wilde, the group has experimented with innovative and exciting techniques, breaking down any inhibitions or fears about making a piece of artwork.

They have studied the work of Van Gogh using oil pastels and turpentine, experimenting with various mark making techniques and have made studies of flowers using chalk pastel on black paper inspired by the work of Odilon Redon. Other work in the exhibition includes mono-printing, painting using negative space and still life studies.

For more information about Headway MK please visit their website or call 01908 635927