Model looks to inspire others

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A MALE model is helping people who are not considered to be conventional get into the business.

Matty Ivey, 25, who lives in Bletchley, works as an ambassador in the models of colour section of the Models of Diversity company – a firm looking to celebrate a diverse range of models including plus size, disabled and mixed race.

Matty said: “If you look around you will see that there aren’t that many mixed race models in the industry. You may have white and European, or just black but you rarely have black and white mixed race models and want to change that.”

Matty claimed that some mixed race models find it harder to get into the industry despite a poll revealing that they are the ‘most beautiful’ people.

Matty said: “We want to get as many people onboard with the campaign as possible and get more diverse models into the industry. That is the aim and I think it can definitely be done in the future.”