Monkston in ten year allotment wait

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GREEN-FINGERED Monkston residents are seeing red after their grow your own plans were shovelled aside for the tenth year running.

Dozens of gardeners put their names down for a plot on an allotment promised by the developers after the estate was finished in 2002.

But though the site has been allocated and even fitted with water troughs, the allotment has never come into fruition.

The reason is a legal wrangle between the developers, Taylor-Wimpey and Lovell, Milton Keynes Council and the Monkston and Kents Hill Parish Council.

It is understood that Lovell has failed to complete legal transfer documents to hand over the site to the councils.

“We have no power to do anything and it is extremely frustrating,” said parish council chairman Colin Bowker.

“I would very much like plot myself and my name has been on the waiting list since I joined the parish council five years ago. But each growing season passes and we still have no allotments.

“We’re doing everything right according to Government initiatives – we want to grown our own healthy vegetables, get some fresh air and exercise and encourage a new allotment community. I don’t know why it should be such a problem.”

Milton Keynes Council, inundated with letters of complaint from residents, has done all it can to solve the problem, said Mr Bowker.

One resident said: “It’s not the fault of either council... we’re sick to death of the whole thing and we just want to get on with it. Each year we lose so many seedlings and plants as we get told ‘definitely spring’ or ‘in time for winter’. I cannot understand why the developers are being so awkward.”

But this week an enquiry from the Citizen produced a sudden spurt from Lovell.

A spokesman said: “The transfer of the allotments is going ahead. Our legal department is finalising the Land Registry transfer deed which will be returned to Taylor Wimpey – who are coordinating the legal process – by early next week to enable the transfer to take place.”