More cash to help adopting parents in Milton Keynes

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The city’s adoption society has spoken out about the “trauma and neglect” that many of its children experience before they find their forever family.

St Francis Children’s Society, based at Woolstone, has this week welcomed a new Government support fund to help adoptive families ensure a happy ever after future for their children.

The society regularly sees children who were forced to deal with drug or alcohol abuse, violence and even prostitution before going into care.

Some of them have never been fed or clothed properly, while others may have been born with disabilities due to their mother abusing drugs while pregnant.

“Children from these backgrounds may have problems making loving attachments and friendships, or be withdrawn or exhibit challenging anti-social behaviour,” said a spokesman.

The Department for Education has created a national £19.3 million support fund to give families the chance to seek specialist help after adopting a traumatised child.

The St Francis Children’s Society says it will use the cash to enhance its existing support, therapy and training programmes.