More than 2,300 complaints about noisy neighbours

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Over 2,300 noise-related complaints were received by Milton Keynes Council in 2013 – including objections about everything from church bells ringing to ‘shooting’ sounds.

Averaging more than six calls every day in 2013, the council closed the majority of cases within just a few days, but it is not known how many of the grievances were repeat complaints.

Nearly 1,000 of the total number of complaints were made by residents frustrated by loud music. There were also more than 300 complaints about people in general, 270 about parties and 240 regarding the noise of barking dogs.

Karen Ford, head of the regulatory unit at Milton Keynes Council, told the Citizen: “We appreciate the impact that noise nuisance has on residents so we work closely with those who report this type of problem to us, ensuring that we resolve the issues as soon as practicable.

“The council website has information about how to make a complaint and you can download a noise pack which is the first step residents need to take to address a problem.”

The council also recieved more than 100 complaints about the noise of machinery, including construction, and nearly 100 about the ringing of alarms.

Around 80 complaints were regarding unidentified noises, almost 50 were about the sound of vehicles, 40 about DIY and 22 concerning the high volumes of a TV or radio.

There were 17 complaints concerning the noise made by animals apart from dogs, including birds, while there were seven regarding public address systems, seven about low frequency sounds, and six about vehicle repairs.

There were also three complaints about the noise of church bells ringing, two about fireworks and one about the noise of a boat.

Four complaints of ‘shooting’ sounds were also recorded which were described by a council spokesman as referrences to clay pigeon shooting and bird scarers.