Morrisons to become Store of the Future

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Morrisons has picked its Milton Keynes store to introduce a series of innovations that will transform it into one of the most exciting food shopping experiences in the UK.

Following trials, the Morrisons ‘Store of the Future’ concept is being tested in a handful of stores across the UK.

The Barnsdale Drive store will be completely transformed on Monday which will mean it will be closed all day, with the aim of turning it into a fresh food experience which will be unrivalled in the area when it re-opens on Tuesday.

Customers will be able to choose from over 600 lines of fresh fruit and vegetables including white asparagus, kohlrabi, white beetroot and purple potatoes, as well as five different types of chilli. Morrisons will also be introducing ice beds and misting technology to optimise the freshness of these fruit and vegetables.

The image of supermarket flowers will be blown away at Morrisons, with a state of the art florist offering fresh stem flowers and a wrapping service that rivals anything on the high street.

At the Deli Counter, there will be over 40 cured meats with some hanging continental-style above the counter and customers will be able to select, with the help of the Cheesemonger, an unrivalled variety of cheeses from both the UK and around the world.

In the butchery, Morrisons craft butchers will be offering over 150 cuts of fresh British meat and will also be introducing sausage-making, so that customers can buy freshly made sausages every day.

At the bakery there will be up to 40 varieties of bread baked fresh from scratch in store throughout the day by Morrisons craft bakers.

These innovations will all be underpinned by market leading offers and the outstanding value for money that Morrisons is famous for.

William Roe, Morrisons Store of the Future Director, said: “At Morrisons, we want to create the UK’s best food shopping experience and that’s why we are making this investment for our customers in Milton Keynes. We believe that customers will have never seen a supermarket like this before and we look forward to welcoming our existing and new customers into the store.”

In order to deliver this food experience, the Morrisons team in Milton Keynes have undergone intensive training on product knowledge so that they can advise customers and suggest cooking tips, food combinations and matching wines.