Mosque protests shock Galloway

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A MEMBER of Milton Keynes Council’s cabinet was harassed by a group of six BNP supporters on Sunday who demonstrated outside his house.

Mike Galloway, cabinet member for Planning at the council, was at his Wolverton home on Sunday when the gang arrived with racist banners and a megaphone.

The protest was against the decision to give the go-ahead for a mosque to be sited at the former Plough pub in Bletchley.

The proposal got the green light two weeks ago by Milton Keynes Council.

Police were called and arrived 15 minutes later where arrests were made.

Plans to protest outside the remaining six councillors homes are believed to have been foiled as a result.

Councillor Galloway said: “It is now clear that this was a pre-planned attack on me and my family at my house by a few individuals.

“One thing I fear is that people who stand for election willing to give time to public service may be put off doing so if faced with things like this.

“At times councillors have to make decisions which some people may not like. But we are accountable to the electorate for our actions, not to intimidation and mob rule.

“I am really grateful for the support shown by my neighbours who came out to help protect me and my family from this outrageous small group of racists who seem to think it is acceptable to harass people in the street and at their homes for decisions taken as councillors.”

Wolverton and Greenleys Town Councillor Patrick McQuillan added: “We all made it very clear to the BNP that they did not represent the ordinary people of Milton Keynes and that their racist views were not welcome.”

A Thames Valley Police spokesman said: “Officers arrived at the scene shortly after and arrested two people on suspicion of racially aggravated public order.

“A 20-year-old man and a 26-year-old woman were taken to police custody in Milton Keynes and later released on bail.

“Reassurance patrols will continue to take place in the area and Thames Valley Police is committed to working with its partners to ensure the safety of all communities in Milton Keynes. Anyone attempting to protest unlawfully can expect a robust response.”