Mother held after murder in Pakistan

standard web pics to use on the Milton Keynes Citizen website
standard web pics to use on the Milton Keynes Citizen website

A PREGNANT mother and her husband have been arrested in Pakistan suspected of killing a 10-year-old boy.

Mother-of-three Irfana Ali and husband Malik, who are from Milton Keynes, were arrested three weeks ago in Jhelum, Pakistan, but are being held without charge.

Irfana, 27, is expecting the pair’s fourth child and is five months pregnant.

The family were on holiday when they were arrested by police who were investigating the death of her husband’s half-brother.

The boy was found hanged having been bludgeoned to death, after an alleged argument over family inheritance.

Two other men have been arrested, but no one has yet been charged with the murder. The couple are in a city jail in Jhelum in the Punjab Province, where they are being held with their three children – a common custom in south Asia.

Irfana Ali’s mother Safina Begum, from Blackburn, said she was devastated by the news that her grandchildren were also being held.“I’ve been crying all night, I can’t sleep, I can’t eat,” she said.

“My three little grandchildren are in jail. A prison worker has told me that the youngest who’s 15 months old is ill, they have no clean clothes, the ones they’re wearing are washed when they get dirty.

“The prison worker said she cooks food for them at home and takes it to them.”

A spokesman for the Pakistan High Commission in London said: “Crimes can take place anywhere in the world. In Pakistan the institutions responsible for maintaining law and order are working effectively.”