Mother praised for quick reactions to fire

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Firefighters in Milton Keynes have praised a mother for her actions after she was alerted to a fire in her home by a smoke alarm.

Two crews from Great Holm Fire Station were called to the incident in Boycott Avenue, Oldbrook, at 9.17am yesterday.

Crew Manager Danny Moore said: “A toddler had managed to turn the cooker on, and a small fire started caused by food and cooking oil still in the oven.

“We turned up to find a heavily smoke-logged house, and the residents safely outside in the rear garden.

“The mother explained that she hadn’t smelled or seen any sign of the smoke. The activation of a smoke detector was the only thing that alerted her to the danger.

“It enabled her to turn off the cooker and evacuate the property with the toddler and an older girl, with no injury to any of them.

“I praised her actions, as they reinforced one of our key safety messages to people in the event of a house fire – get out, stay out and call 999.

“Once again, working smoke alarms have proved their value in alerting people to a fire in its early stages.”