Mother wins battle over funeral costs

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A CAMPAIGNING mum has been praised by a city MP for her ‘tireless’ efforts in battling to simplify information over funeral costs.

Teresa Evans, of Bletchley, has been fighting for changes since her 20-year-old son Boyd was killed in a car crash in Staffordshire, in 2006.

She took her battle to the Department for Work and Pensions after she was forced to go overdrawn at the bank to pay for his burial and cash in her life insurance policies to buy the burial rights to Boyd’s grave at an additional cost of £304, a year later.

After Boyd’s death Teresa campaigned for information about funeral payments to be written in plain, easy-to-understand English so others could avoid the financial troubles she suffered.

Throughout her ordeal, Teresa says she was not provided with adequate information, which cost her dearly.

Iain Stewart, MP for Milton Keynes South, took the opportunity of an adjournment debate to raise the issue in Parliament, and get some answers from Minister of State for Pensions Steve Webb.

Mr Stewart said: “I really commend Teresa Evans for her tireless efforts to see these changes made. She didn’t need the additional difficulty that this situation caused during such a sad time.

“Thanks to her, newly bereaved families will be getting a better deal than she did just over four years ago.”

Mr Webb also praised Teresa for pursuing the issues over the last few years saying that the way she had gone about it was ‘enormously to her credit’.

He added that thanks to her campaign major changes could be made.

As a result, people making an application for a funeral payment from the social fund will be paid the fee for the burial rights for a fixed number of years.

Now, Teresa is keen to hear from anyone in the city who has claimed a funeral payment from the social fund but was not paid the fee for the burial rights.

Anyone interested in contacting Teresa can email her at