Motorcyclist thanks public and emergency services after 'dangerous' crash in Milton Keynes

Emergency services rushed to this incident yesterday (April 29).

A collision involving a motorbike and a car was reported at Leadenhall Roundabout yesterday evening at 6pm.

Paramedics from the South Central Ambulance, Thames Valley Police officers, and two crews and fire engines, from Bucks Fire and Rescue Service raced to the scene,

The motorcyclist was given first aid treatment by firefighters at the scene, paramedics then attended to him, before he was sent to hospital. The crash has left the driver with six broken ribs.

Bucks Fire and Rescue Service

The motorcyclist contacted the MK Citizen wanting to thank all the emergency services for coming to his rescue. He said: "Thank you to the fire service, police and paramedics who all attended. Plus, all the members of the public that stopped to help.

"I was left in a very dangerous place on Leadenhall Roundabout and the first members of the public blocked the road leading up to me, putting themselves at danger. I left hospital with six broken ribs and I can't find a way of thanking all the people that helped me."

the scene at Leadenhall roundabout