MP and Councillor Alice encourage neighbourhood watches

Mark Lancaster
Mark Lancaster

City MP Mark Lancaster and councillor Alice Bramall have encouraged Milton Keynes residents to join their local Neighbourhood Watch Association.

The Neighbourhood Watch Association brings residents together to reduce crime, the opportunity for crime and also the fear of crime within their local area. Where schemes are in operation it has been proven that crime drops by up to 30 per cent and scheme members can even benefit by getting money off their house insurance.

Milton Keynes Neighbourhood Watch Association has launched a new website, funded by Councillor Alice Bramall using her Ward Budget, which guides residents as to how they can join the Association and other advice as to how to make them safer.

Mark said: “The Neighbourhood Watch Association in Milton Keynes is well established and offers great support to residents who want to keep their local area safe. I would like to encourage all residents to join and reap all of the benefits membership offers, not least the reduction of crime.”

Councillor Alice Bramall, said: “I was delighted to fund the new website out of my ward budget as it offers residents guidance as to how they can get involved in Neighbourhood Watch and also other pointers as to how to make their home safer. With so many benefits to joining the scheme I would urge residents from across the city to look at the website and see how they can get involved.”

The website is: