MP joins the fight against controversial housing development

Iain Stewart MP
Iain Stewart MP

The “passion of the people” could help throw out controversial plans to build 2,000 new homes in Bletchley.

Campaigners claim the proposed Salden Chase development does not include enough infrastructure; including roads, health and new schools.

“I believe it to be fundamentally flawed.”

Iain Stewart MP

The fight against the plans has now been back by Milton Keynes South MP Iain Stewart who is meeting with the development’s representatives on Friday to raise his opposition and share the concerns of hundreds of Bletchley residents.

Mr Stewart, who has been lobbying local councillors both in Milton Keynes and Aylesbury Vale to oppose the application, said: “It is very clear that the vast majority of residents are completely against this development.

“Whatever is the specific design of this housing scheme, I believe it to be fundamentally flawed and I am dismayed that another scheme has been submitted after a similar scheme was withdrawn before.”

“I am glad to see consensus among political parties as well, as matters such as this matter too much to become a political football.”

The main planning application that would see Salden Chase given the go ahead for development, will be considered by the Aylesbury Vale planning committee on May 22.

Elaine Wales, who is chair of Bletchley Against Salden Chase Expansion (BASE), a campaign group formed to oppose the building on this area, said: “We need hundreds of residents to write to Aylesbury Vale Vale Council about Salden Chase and to turn up on the 22 May.

“We have strong arguments against this dreadful proposed development. We also need to show the passion of the people against it.”

Mr Stewart will be making a submission to the consultation on behalf of his constituents. If would like to share your comments on the application they can be sent to