MP Mark honoured to visit Falklands for Remembrance service

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CITY MP Mark Lancaster has been chosen to represent the government at a memorial service in the Falklands this year.

Mr Lancaster, who is a regular attendee at the Newport Pagnell service, will be 8,000 miles from his usual spot when he lays a wreath at the war memorial at Port Stanley, Goose Green. He will also be attending a service at Stanley Cathedral during his five day trip.

Britain traditionally sends a Minister to represent the Government each year to the Falklands and this year Mark has been selected because of his role in the Ministry of Defence and his continuing service as a Lieutenant Colonel in the Reserve Forces.

This year marks the 30th anniversary of the Falklands war which followed the Argentinean invasion of the islands and it is expected that over 50 veterans will be flying to the islands as part of the commemorations.

Mr Lancaster said:”I would normally never miss Remembrance Sunday in Newport Pagnell but I am deeply honoured to be asked to represent the Government in the Falklands, given the significance of the commemorations this year I think it is absolutely the right thing to do and sends a clear message to the islanders as to the strength of support the have here in the UK.”