MP Mark serves with ambulance crew

Mark Lancaster
Mark Lancaster

City MP Mark Lancaster found out what it was like to serve with the emergency services when he spent the day working with an ambulance crew.

Mr Lancaster has been spending time doing different jobs across Milton Keynes and spent the day as an ambulance man going from emergency to emergency around the city.

The South Central Ambulance service which covers the Milton Keynes area, attends over 500,000 emergency and urgent calls a year. They have bases locally in Bletchley and at Milton Keynes Hospital.

Working closely with two members of the team, Mark went out in an ambulance for a 10 hour shift, to learn what they do and learn about ways the service could be helped.

Mark said “I was extremely impressed with the professionalism and care the members of the team showed patients across our city. It is a highly pressured environment and the team never know what they are facing when they head out so have to respond incredibly quickly to the situations they are faced with. I have been left with an enormous amount of respect for both the organisation as a whole and the individuals who make the organisation.“