MP swaps Parliament for pupils

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AHEAD of a hectic day in Parliament, a city MP took his seat in a different kind of debating chamber.

On Monday, Milton Keynes South member Iain Stewart was honoured to be invited to a meeting of the Langland Community School Student Council in Netherfield.

The pupils, who represent a ‘constituency’ of 350 pupils, swapped experiences with Mr Stewart, who represents a constituency of close to 90,000 electors, as he took a seat on their council for just one morning.

He listened with interest as the pupils debated how they could make their fellow pupils scrape the leftovers from their plates into the appropriate recycling bins after lunch. Only recently, the pupils had a debate over whether they should be given homework.

Mr Stewart said: “It’s always such a delight to visit the various schools in my constituency and the pupils at Langland Community School were full of enthusiasm. I was impressed to see democracy thriving at this level and it was an honour to take a seat on the council for a morning.”