MP urges people to enjoy a Warm Front

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MP Mark Lancaster is urging eligible constituents to take advantage of the Government’s flagship energy help scheme Warm Front, to make their homes warmer and cut their energy bills.

The Warm Front scheme - which offers heating and insulation improvements to households living on low incomes – is expected to see up to £30 million worth of funding for this year going unclaimed. Mark is keen that some residents of Milton Keynes who haven’t claimed from the fund when they could be struggling to afford their energy bills, which could be cut by a potential £650 per year by the scheme.

People on certain income-related benefits and living in homes that are poorly insulated, or do not have a working central heating system, are eligible for Warm Front grants.

Applications to the scheme are down by 70 per cent. Mark together with Consumer Focus has urged those living in Milton Keynes to put in a claim now before the funding for this year ends on March 31.

Mr Lancaster said: “Insulating your loft and walls is a good way to tackle high energy bills and I urge people to see if they qualify and apply for Warm Front’s free of charge home improvements, before the funding is withdrawn. If you think you are eligible, apply to the scheme by calling 0800 316 6004, or online at the website