MPs and public show support for police Taser use

Superintendent Barry Halliday
Superintendent Barry Halliday

The city’s MPs have given their full backing for Thames Valley Police to use Taser devices if necessary when dealing with violent criminals.

Members of the public have also shown their support for Tasers which were introduced to police officers in the city as of Monday.

Superintendent Barry Halliday said the move was “positive” and meant that officers could “dynamically respond far quicker” than they could have done before.

Mark Lancaster, MP for Milton Keynes North, said: “Tasers have proved to be an effective tool in police enforcement and with appropriate training to ensure they are only used by officers as a last resort to protect members of the public and themselves, I am comfortable with their introduction in Milton Keynes.”

Milton Keynes South counterpart, Iain Stewart, said: “Keeping local residents safe is the top priority and so if necessary officers should be provided with all they require to perform this important function.

“I am reassured by comments from Superintendent Barry Halliday that Taser devices will only be used in circumstances where it is considered necessary and proportionate.”

A number of people took to our Facebook page to share their thoughts on the subject, with many in favour.

Heather How said: “Why shouldn’t they carry something they can defend themselves with?

“For too long people have been able to draw weapons on our police force and we expect them to deal with the violence with nothing to fight back with.”

However, not everyone agrees. Craig Swifty wrote: “This is disgusting, we don’t need Americanised weapon drawing police everywhere. It won’t be long before it’s standard procedure to draw their Taser like in America.”