Mr Muscle Ted does us proud

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A TWO POUND baby who was fed with a fountain pen filler has made his mark as a world champion weightlifter – at the age of 80.

Powerful pensioner Ted Brown, winner of the Citizen’s Pride in Milton Keynes older achiever award, has created ten new British records this summer alone.

Yet 11 years ago the former postman faced death when he had a triple heart bypass surgery and a stomach haemorrhage.

It was the second time medics had wrongly written off the determined Bletchley great-grandad.

When he was born in August 1930 he weighed just 2lb 6oz and the family doctor predicted he would die within two hours.

“My mother kept me alive in a shoe box wrapped in cotton wool and olive oil, placed in front of a black-leaded range,” said Ted.

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“I was fed by means of a fountain pen filler and bathed in a milk jug.”

Though the young Ted was always interested in sport, he weighed a puny seven stone 10lbs when he was called up for National service in the 1940s.

“My interest in weight training started because I was very small for my age. I was approached to see if I would like to become a jockey but my mother did not approve,” he said.

Ted, married for 56 to his former neighbour Irene, entered his first competition in 1970.

By the age of 51 he had been crowned world champion in the 60kg bodyweight 50 plus category in North Carolina.

This was the first of an incredible run of seven world titles, 24 British titles and numerous medals.

His success impressed even the Queen, who invited Ted and Irene to her garden party to celebrate 40 years on the throne.

“The invitation came one day before April Fools Day so I thought it was a joke. But it turned out to be genuine and the Queen actually spoke to me!” he said.

The father of two, who went on to work for British Telecom, retired early to run his own gym for 15 years.

Now he spends his time training and still competes regularly. He is also a referee and MC for national power lifting events..

“My philosophy in life is do what you can while you still can as there will come a time when you can’t”,” he said.

Ted was one of a string of amazing people who were nominated for our Pride in Milton Keynes awards.

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