Multi-storey plans to solve parking crisis


MK conservatives have pledged to build a multi-storey car park in CMK to solve the city’s parking crisis.

In a New Year announcement, the Tory council group today promised to set the wheels in motion within 100 days of the election - if they take control of the council in May.

It follows an eight per cent drop in centre:MK’s footfall in the past year, which has prompted concerns over the city’s parking issues.

Late last year Labour suggested narrowing 5,000 spaces to make 230 new bays. The plan was met with fierce opposition and was withdrawn at the eleventh hour.

Conservative group leader Councillor Edith Bald said: “Employees, shoppers and other visitors have been calling out for the council to address the current lack of affordable parking in places where they want to park.

”We will tackle this problem head on starting with a pledge to get a multi-storey into planning.

“Our pledge will ease pressures in CMK whilst also looking forward to more sustainable longer term solutions.

“MK Council must do better, we will do better.”