Mum claims she was “treated like a criminal” in Poundland - over £2

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A mum was almost late for her baby’s christening celebration because she was “treated like a criminal” in Poundland - over £2.

Lydia D’Oyley bought two party balloons last Friday, then returned to the Westcroft store on Bank Holiday Monday to get them filled with helium.

“I went to hand over £2 to pay for the helium service, but they accused me of stealing the actual balloons,” said Lydia, who has left her receipt at her Kingsbrook home.

She was forced to tell her story to five different Poundland employees - but they still didn’t believe her, she said.

“I’d dashed out at midday to get the balloons filled and the christening party was due to start at 12.30pm. My baby was also due a breastfeed, so I was in a right state.”

Poundland staff seized the balloons and even went through CCTV footage, while Lydia called her husband to bring the receipt.

She said:“I was there for half an hour, being shouted at in front of customers and accused of shoplifting.

“I have never in my life felt so humiliated and embarrassed. I was treated like a criminal.”

Lydia is now demanding an apology from Poundland.

“I can’t believe they think anyone would steal two £1 balloons then queue up and pay to fill them with gas!” she said.

Staff at Poundland’s head office now conducting an investigation to discover what happened during the helium balloon fiasco.

A spokesman for the company told the Citizen: “Poundland strives to offer the highest customer care at all times and is currently undertaking an internal investigation to understand what happened in our Westcroft store.”