Mum’s tears at court victory

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A MOTHER whose six-year-old daughter was abducted cried with joy when a court this week ordered that the little girl should live with her.

But Sylvia Volna still has a fight on her hands to get Imen back to England from Tunisia where her father took her in August 2009.

On Monday, the 30-year-old from Wolverton won a residence order at the High Court, meaning Imen should live with her.

The Order must now be registered in Tunisia before she can be brought home.

Miss Volna’s ex-partner Mekki Fitouri took Imen to the Tunisian town of Hammamet on holiday – but never returned.

She has since won an Order making her daughter a ward of the English Courts.

The latest Order will need to be translated and posted to Tunisia before it can be registered there, but it signifies light at the end of the tunnel for Miss Volna who hasn’t been allowed to speak to Imen since the abduction.

Miss Volna said: “My barrister sat me down and said it was likely I wouldn’t get this Order. But the second I saw the judge I knew I would.

“She was late because of delays to the train and when my barrister started to speak, she just said, ‘I have read all the information on the train and I’m going to give you the residence order’.

“I was so happy I cried.”

According to figures from UK charity Reunite there were 351 cases of international child abduction in 2010, but the British government still refuses to intervene saying it cannot interfere in the sovereign affairs of foreign states. This means victims have to battle for their children’s return through foreign courts.

The Citizen has also been following the case of former Great Linford resident Ken Spooner whose two boys, Devlan, five, and Caelan, three, were abducted by their mother in October 2008.

Miss Volna said: “You wouldn’t think in this age it would be possible to take a child from one of the parents and nothing would be done about it, but that is the case.”