Mum slams church for ‘banning’ disabled brothers from youth youth

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A single mum with seven sons under the age of ten had slammed a church for its “unChristian attitude” in banning two of her boys.

Sarah Ali says Shenley Christian Fellowship complained her children were too “rowdy and disruptive” at the Sunday services.

She is also fuming that two of her boys, who both have special needs, have been excluded from the fellowship’s weekly youth group.

“I find the attitude of the church deeply hurtful and unacceptable. The only judge that my children and I have is God,” said the 36-year-old, who is pregnant with her eighth child.

Sarah is now quitting the church after attending services every week for two years.

“I was baptised in January. They say when you’re baptised then the devil tries to take you over – but in my case it’s fellow Christians who have caused distress,” she said.

“It hurts to leave because I love my church. But discrimination is cruel and no-one has the right to do it.”

The two banned children, aged seven and nine, both have autism and attend special schools. Sarah also has another disabled son who was born with a genetic condition.

She says the fellowship team were fully aware of the children’s problems and she has informed them of their special needs from the start.

Fellowship trustee Margaret Jobling confirmed the boys had been excluded from the youth group for safety reasons. But she said it was a temporary measure while the church sought volunteers to help with them.

“We would like to find a way we can support the needs of these two boys,” she said.

Meanwhile Sarah, who lives on Furzton, is saying a special prayer of her own about her eighth child, due early next year.

“I’m praying for a girl! After seven boys it would be lovely,” she said.