Mum slams town’s no teens party pooper policy

MPMC Maddie & Nicola West
MPMC Maddie & Nicola West

Becoming a teenager is normally cause for celebration but one Woburn Sands youngster was left disappointed by a ‘no teens’ party policy.

Nicola West, of Woburn Sands, was hoping to invite both children and adults to a thirteenth birthday bash for her daughter Maddie at their local community centre this September.

Unfortunately, she discovered The Summerlin Centre function hall has a blanket ‘no teenagers’ party policy.

Nicola said: “I was absolutely shocked.

“We live not five minutes down the road and have been part of the community for 16 years. I understand that sometimes parties do go awry but most of the guests would have been just 12 years old.”

Fortunately, Maddie’s birthday celebrations will go ahead with a party at Woburn Village Hall.

Woburn Sands Town Council oversees the use of The Summerlin Centre.

Spokesman Lynne Stapleton said: “It is regrettable but we do have the blanket policy of no teenage parties because we have had a lot problems in the past.

“People have left taps running all night and blocked the toilets – unfortunately a few people have spoilt it for everybody else.”