Mum's horror after needles found scattered across path near Milton Keynes park

An outraged mother has spoken about her shock when she discovered countless needles scattered in a Milton Keynes underpass.

Thursday, 1st June 2017, 11:37 am
Updated Sunday, 4th June 2017, 9:28 pm

The path, located near Child’s Way in Oldbrook, is only a short walk away from a play park and primary school.

Holly Ellis, who complained about the littering of drug paraphernalia, said: “As a mother to a young child, seeing all these needles shocked and saddened me, the fact that there is a play park not five minutes from there makes matters even worse.

“This area needs either sealing off completely, as the land on the other side is private, or it needs maintaining more regularly.

“After speaking to a friend, I was told this is cleaned on an eight week basis, which simply isn’t enough.

“I truly hope anyone who sees these pictures, especially drug users, take note of how one person’s addiction can have an impact on the community especially innocent children, who if they were unlucky enough to be pricked by the wrong needle could end up with an illness for life.

“Something needs sorting and it needs sorting now.”

A spokesman for MK Council said: “We advise members of the public not to pick up needles, unless it poses an immediate danger to yourself or others, instead you should contact us immediately.

“If you come across needles or this type of litter, you should contact us immediately on 01908 252570 or through our website and we will dispose of them safely.”