Murder victim was war child

Musdafa Jama
Musdafa Jama

A WOMAN who was strangled to death just three days after arriving in Britain had survived the Somalian civil war as a child.

Musdafe Farah Jama, 51, was found guilty on Monday of murdering his new wife Naimo Moalin in their Fishermead home in may this year.

She had been strangled with her own head scarf.

After the case it was revealed that the 31-year-old had fled Somalia as a child and had to live without her family as a refugee in Ethiopia.

Jama, from Tolcarne Avenue, Fishermead, was found guilty of murdering his wife by a majority verdict at Huntingdon Crown Court.

The jury took just one hour and 25 minutes of deliberation to reach their verdict.

He was then sentenced by the Judge to serve a minimum of 20 years in prison.

It was found Jama had strangled his wife on the evening of Saturday, May 22, just three days after Ms Moalin moved to the UK from Ethiopia.

The Senior Investigating Officer in the case, Detective Chief Inspector Peter Vigurs, said: “I am grateful to the jury for returning a guilty verdict.

“The defendant never admitted murdering Naimo and never showed any remorse. In fact he lied to try and protect himself. I believe the verdict showed the jury saw through these lies.

“A murder case is always so sad and they are all very different.

“In this case the awful irony is that as a child Naimo survived the civil war in Somalia, her family fled and was broken up and she had to live as a refugee in Ethiopia. Having survived all that, she came to the UK finally hoping for a happier future and within three days of arriving, her husband killed her.

“I know it’s been hard for the family, who have been in court every day, to hear the distressing circumstances in which she died and they have handled this with dignity.

“I thank them for the support they have given to the investigation.”

Jama had pleaded not guilty to the charge claiming he had returned home to find his wife with another man.