Muriel lifts the lid on Station Y

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A GRANDMOTHER who was encouraged to record her memoirs by staff at Bletchley Park has published her first book.

Muriel Davison, 89, has published a fascinating new book describing for the first time the little-known life of a WREN at Scarborough’s secret listening station during the war.

A Wren’s Tale: The Secret Link to Bletchley Park was written by Muriel, a radio mechanic in Scarborough between 1943 and 1945 at the Y station, where messages would be intercepted from German U-boats and then taken to the famous Bletchley Park in Buckinghamshire to be deciphered.

It is estimated that thousands of lives were saved as a result and that this decoding helped to end the war earlier than otherwise expected.

With more than 50 previously unseen photographs, Muriel brings her wartime memoirs to life and recalls many often amusing anecdotes, including seeing the blip of a U-boat on the radar, making cheese on toast over a Bunsen burner and celebrating VE Day.

The book reveals for the first time just how important Station Y was to the war effort and how much it helped Bletchley Park.

Muriel said: “Nothing has previously been published about the work of the WRENS at Scarborough in helping Bletchley Park crack the German code, so I hope that in describing my experiences I have provided an insight, however small, into the secretive but vital operations there during World War Two.”

A Wren’s Tale: The Secret Link to Bletchley Park is on sale at the Bletchley Park Museum, priced £5.95.

There are also copies available for sale on eBay.