Musical pupil priority causes ding-dong row

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A new policy of giving preferential school places to children who are musical has hit the wrong note with hundreds of parents.

Now they are having a humdinger of a row with Ousedale School, which rates a music certificate HIGHER than living in catchment.

From September 2016 the academy, which has campuses in Newport Pagnell and Olney, proposes to select 10 per cent of all new pupils on a “priority by aptitude” basis .

These pupils must have passed at least a grade 2 exam in a bowed, stringed brass, woodwind, keyboard or percussion musical instrument.

Olney councillor David Hosking said: “This is unfair on children who are not musical. It means a child in the catchment area could be forced to travel up to 15 miles to another school while a musical child from out of catchment takes their place.”

Parents have already formed two Facebook protest groups, while Mr Hosking has complained to Ousedale bosses. So far the school has refused to change its tune.