Musician’s rare guitar and amp stolen from boot of his car

Ian Todd-Weller, of Newton Leys, has had his guitar and amp stolen from the boot of his car.
Ian Todd-Weller, of Newton Leys, has had his guitar and amp stolen from the boot of his car.

Thieves have stolen a guitar and a rare Marshall amp from the boot of a musician’s car.

Ian Todd-Weller, of Newton Leys, packed his 20-year-old Fender Stratocaster guitar and amplifier into the back of his car ahead of a gig due to be held tonight, Thursday.

But he woke up this morning to find the boot of his car open and both items stolen along with a bag containing his music.

Speaking to the Citizen, Mr Todd-Weller said the guitar and amp were of sentimental value.

He said: “The guitar is very unusual with Seymour Duncan pickups. It is fairly rare.

“I had a Marshall combo amp taken as well that originated in America as it is not available here in the UK.

“On her way out to work this morning my daughter told me my boot was open. My music bag and music sheets were stolen as well.

“It’s a guitar I have had for 20 years and it is an antique. I am just gutted really.”

Thames Valley Police said the music equipment was stolen between 11pm yesterday, Wednesday, and 8.45am this morning. The theft is being investigated by the neighbourhood policing team.

The guitar is a white Fender Stratocaster (Mexican) which has been adjusted to have Seymour Duncan pickups with a mahogony fret board and locking strap holders. It also has a yellow guitar strap with a paisley-style design. It was in a black Fender hardcase with only one closing clasp.

The 120 watt Marshall amp is black. Also stolen from the boot is a brown bag with the Sweeney Todd band’s emblem on it and a music book.

The stolen items are worth £1,000 in total.

“Luckily I have another guitar, but that’s not the point. They have managed to walk up the road with my amp and guitar. They must have seen me put it in the boot,” Mr Todd-Weller said.

He called on other musicians to keep an eye out for his equipment, which is said was unique.

Witnesses or anyone with information is asked to call police on 101.