‘My council flat is killing me’ says Milton Keynes mum

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A single mum with chronic lung disease claims her mouldy council flat is steadily killing her.

Desperate Alexandra Reilly is so tired of struggling to breathe that she has considered taking her own life.

“Sometimes I feel I might as well kill myself rather than wait for my flat to kill me,” she admitted.

The 38-year-old, who has two teenage children, has suffered with COPB – chronic obstructive pulmonary disease – for many years.

Her father died of the same disease, which causes severe asthma and shortness of breath, when he was just 50.

“The thing that makes it worse is mould. I’ve told the council this and sent them letters from doctors and consultants,” said Alexandra.

“But all the council does is pass me from person to person and nobody will help me.

“I just need to get out of this flat before it is too late. I want my children to have a last few happy years with their mum.”

Alexandra lost her private rented home a year ago due to landlord problems. She was moved to the maisonette in Ormonde, Stantonbury, last October.

Mould was showing within days, and the walls are now black with it, she said.

A council spokesman said: “Obviously we have a lot of sympathy for this lady and we are trying to help her.”

He said council officials would visit her to “get to grips” with the problem.

Alexandra takes up to seven different medications a day in a bid to help her condition.

Alexandra’s GP said: “Her current accommodation is not suitable for her asthma control.

“Her ongoing frequent exacerbation is causing severe anxiety, better accomodation with no mould will definitely help.”

MK Council has made an appointment to visit the flat on Febraury 22. They say they tried twice previously but Alexandra was not in.