My daughter ate a maggot because of this rubbish

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A city mum has slammed the council for not collecting a huge pile of rubbish next to her home – after her two-year-old daughter ate a maggot from it.

The rubbish has been building up in a communal bin area in Ayr Way, West Bletchley, for several weeks.

The stench has become so unbearable that the mother has been forced to keep her windows and doors closed amid an invasions of flies, and her frustration reached new heights this week when she caught her two-year-old daughter eating a maggot from the festering mess.

A council spokeseman said: “We are grateful to the woman and the Citizen for letting us know about the build up of rubbish at our flats in Ayr Way, and we are arranging for the area to be cleared as a matter of urgency.

“Residents can help us keep the area clear by making sure they bag their rubbish properly and by reporting missed collections as soon as they happen.

“The best way to do this is via our website or by ringing 01908 252570.”