Mystery Hodge Lea gardeners revealed

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The ‘mystery’ Hodge Lea gardeners have been revealed.

Last week the Citizen reported that the Meeting Place had been secretly spruced up and it was revealed that the work had been carried out by youths from the National Citizens Service working through Milton Keynes Dons Sport and Education Trust.

The work was carried out in the summer by a team of 17 – The Catsicorns. Led by Team Leader Jake Ikin, with assistant team leaders Amy Kramarczuk and Matthew Gibson the team identified the public space next the obsolete community centre building in Hodge Lea.

They cut down a dead tree, cut back shrubs and planted new plants which had been donated by B&Q and laid £80 of bark which had been given to them by Wyevale.

The group, which also included Dylan Anderson, Rory Butcher, Chantel Cartman, Rachel Cheung, Michael Gibson, Lauren Halstead, Lauren Handley, Sally Harris, Jake Leonard, Francis McKenna-Marshall, Joseph Smith, Miles Smith, Philip Walker and Olivia Wieczorek, also replaced broken slabs in the old meeting hall steps.

A bench, which was also donated by B&Q was concreted in place and all of the exposed timber was treated with colour preservatives. Signs were also put up at both ends to invite people to the new Hodge Lea Community Garden.

To celebrate the completion of the work Donny and Mooie came down to the area to sell bags of bark to visitors, with residents from MacIntyre joining in the party.

Jake Ikin, team leader, said: “From left-handed mallet hunts to Nad’s boom box, from Catsicorns to Matthaeus’ day out, from disturbing wasp nests to completing a job well done, this summer truly has been epic.

“I could not have asked for a more dedicated or enthusiastic team to lead. I know you will all build upon the experience you’ve gained and achieve great things in the future, though I’ll always remember you by the looks of sheer terror on your faces on the giant swing.”