Mystery makeover for popular Meeting Place

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A mystery gardener has spruced up Hodge Lea Meeting Place as the row over the ownership of the building continues.

Councillor Rob Middleton, who serves the Wolverton Ward, has been campaigning for months in a bid to get the ownership transferred back into the hands of Hodge Lea residents.

Currently, it is owned by Crown Estates, who took over the lease after the site was left in disarray.

However, a mystery helper recently entered the grounds to lend a hand by weeding and cleaning up the garden area, without telling anyone who he or she is.

Councillor Middleton (pictured) is now calling on the mystery gardener to reveal themselves so they can be offered the chance to help in the running of the building once it is back in the hands of the community.

It has already been agreed by members of Wolverton and Greenleys Town Council that a feasability study should take place, which would see architects drawing up plans for the future of the Meeting Place.

Mr Middleton is now waiting to hear what the cost will be to regain control of the building so he can start fundraising.

The Citizen previously reported the figure could be around £10,000.

Mr Middleton said: “I think the power of persuasion has won the day here. I am pleased I have kept pushing this matter.

“I look forward to securing funding so that the Meeting Place will come back into community use in the near future.”