Mystery of ‘lost’ goods found under bridge

MPMC dumped goods
MPMC dumped goods

Engineers inspecting a road bridge found a large quantity of goods, believed to be contents of a shop, securely locked away within the bridge abutments.

The goods included clothing/cloth, cereal packets, animal food, plastic storage boxes, buckets, pushchairs, wheelchairs, a wheelbarrow, vinyl flooring, slip mats/carpets, a vacuum cleaner, wire trays, cages, etc.

The stash also included shop counter display items and racking.

A council spokesman said: “It appeared that a shopkeeper (or stall holder) was using the bridge voids as temporary storage. Thames Valley police have inspected the ‘goods’ and do not consider them to be stolen.

“By law we cannot simply remove these ‘goods’ and dispose of them.

“We have to do what we can to publicise this, so we will be giving the owner or owners until the end of the month to come forward.”

> Anyone with any information is asked to telephone Highways General Enquiries on 01908 252353 or mail