Nadine Dorries MP was sent abusive messages in aftermath of airstrikes vote

Houses of Parliament
Houses of Parliament

Nadine Dorries is among hundreds of MPs who have received abusive messages on social media following last night’s vote on Syria airstrikes.

Politicians sent threatening comments on Twitter and Facebook have today called for a code of conduct to prevent “bullying and intimidation” of MPs.

Ms Dorries, who voted in favour of military action, was told she had “the blood of Syrian children on her hands” in a tweet this morning.

The Conservative MP, who represents half of Woburn Sands, said: “The amount of abuse MPs have received over the past week, both online and physical raises a number of serious questions regarding democracy.

“Easy access via social media to post threats and intimidate had an effect on some yesterday.

“No one should feel threatened in their work.”

Last night’s vote ended with MPs voting in favour of UK military action by 397 votes to 223.

MK South MP Iain Stewart was also tweeted in the aftermath of the vote. It said: “The death of innocent human beings, including children, will be on your head you monster.”